Thank you for supporting Unblock Youku for the last 4 years

Do you know that Unblock Youku has always been a free and open-sourced personal project? Although I built it for my personal interest 4 years ago, Unblock Youku has grown into a big project that serves over 3 million active users. It is your trust that gives me the strength to make Unblock Youku better.

However, since late 2015, our servers have been DDoS attacked frequently, which made the Unblock Youku service unusable for a lot of users. At the same time of the attacks, a software company was spreading the malicious rumor that Unblock Youku had changed its name to a product of that company.

While fighting against the attacks and rumors, I have deeply realized that my personal capability is very limited. In order to make Unblock Youku stable and free for the long term, I need to seek for helps.

  • If you are interested in software development, please join the open-source project to serve 3 million users better.
  • Please donate to support our server expenses. Then we can add more servers to defend against attacks.
  • Please help us clarify the rumors when you see them. No more users shall be fooled.

My sincerest appreciation goes to every one of you.

- zhuzhuor, Jan 31, 2016.

Every $2 will help our servers run for another 1 hour

Donation Method 1: Alipay

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Donation Method 2: PayPal or Credit Card

You may donate by credit cards without registering a PayPal account.

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